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Addressing Governor Dunleavy’s Proposed Budget

Dear Fellow Alaskan, One of the reasons I supported Governor Dunleavy is because he is principled, honest, and bold. He has the courage to lead and the courage to make tough decisions. I found him to be different from many public officials, in that he always said the same thing to different crowds. He didn’t alter his message day to day. I saw this time and again throughout the campaign. Now that he is in office, that has not changed. Governor Dunleavy is the only Governor in my adult lifetime who has been willing to introduce a budget that matches…

Thank You Governor Dunleavy!

Thank you Governor Dunleavy! You truly understand that Alaska must live within its means.  Alaska’s economic future is in good hands with our Governor and his staff. Bringing our spending policies in-line with our income must happen.