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In speaking about his crime bills recently, Governor Mike Dunleavy declined to say he would not hold a special session if the bills do not pass. Governor Dunleavy said: "I'm not going to take that off the table. This is the primary function of government, it has to help its people be safe. And we've talked about this. And I think there is enough support within the legislature to pass bills. We just have to make sure that Committee Chairs are in tune with those people as well as Alaskans to get these bills moving. We have plenty of time to do this." The Governor also commented on whether there was a conflict between his campaign promise to provide a full dividend while at the same time fully funding public safety: "Why would there be? The dividend has been fine for 40 years. So really what you're saying is, 'Can we use the dividend to fill the hole instead of reducing the size of government or expecting our systems to become more efficient?' I don't see the dividend as the problem, to be honest with you." "We knew when we dropped our budget on Feb. 13 that it would elicit a discussion, and it did elicit a discussion, there's no doubt about it, a big decision amongst all groups all across Alaska, which it was intended to do." Governor Dunleavy is standing tall for his campaign promises. Can we say the same for all of the elected officials who ran last November?
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Governor Mike Dunleavy has been using the chart below to illustrate State Government's spending versus revenues over the last 44 years. According to Governor Dunleavy overspending income, as in the last 7 years or so, will not be ameliorated by using the PFD (gone in 2 years at current rates), or by implementing income or sales taxes (not enough population in Alaska to support ever increasing budgets over time). The Governor's solution is the correct one; spending must match income. Frankly, any average Alaska household understands this concept. Let your State Representatives know you understand it too!
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LINK: A High School Expelled A Girl For Kicking A Boy Who Entered The Girls' Bathroom To "Protest" Against A Trans Student

Unintended consequences?