Freedom Club

New members are always welcome!

The Freedom Club is a group of dedicated Alaskans who make monthly recurring donations to the Alaska Republican Party.

Your participation will provide the foundation for a successful Alaska Republican Party.

For a monthly recurring donation, you can support the mission to elect Republicans at all levels of Alaska government.


$100.00 Gold      Newsletter – Free SCC attendance – Invitations to special AKGOP events and functions – Free or discounted tickets to special events and functions.

$50.00 Silver      Newsletter – Invitation to AKGOP special events and functions.

$25.00 Bronze    Newsletter – Personal notices for all AKGOP special events and functions.

These donations help to create a steady funding stream, so the party can maintain a professional office with a skilled team to help Republicans win critical races.  Simply put, the Freedom Club allows the Party the freedom to hire, the freedom to work, and the freedom to win.

2019 Freedom Club Members

  • Albert Clough
  • Barbara Tauriainen
  • Bethel Holbrook
  • Carol Neeley
  • Casey Dschaak
  • Charisse Millett
  • Dale Bagley
  • Dan Kendall
  • David Morgan
  • Elise Santerre
  • Glenn Clary
  • John Anderson
  • Kris Warren
  • Laraine Derr
  • Lester Parker
  • Lorne Bretz
  • Lureen Stedman
  • Matt Larkin
  • Mead Treadwell
  • Michael Mauger
  • Michaella Anderson
  • Mike Tauriainen
  • Portia Babcock
  • Ralph Samuels
  • Rebecca Mahaney
  • Regina Daniels
  • Ric Davidge
  • Rich Thorne
  • Richard Carr
  • Richard Mystrom
  • Robert Hall
  • Sheila Finkenbinder
  • Shiela Cernich
  • Susan Fischetti
  • Tayna Burkel
  • Terre Gales
  • Thomas Anderson
  • Tom McGrath
  • Tuckerman Babcock
  • Vivian Stiver