Call for 2018 Alaska Republican Convention


Alaska Republican Party


All Registered Voters with the Alaska Republican Party

The State Central Committee (SCC) has approved a Call for the 2018 REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION in Anchorage, Alaska of elected delegates from its forty election districts to be held March 8-10, 2018 at the Hilton Hotel. Credentials Committee begins Registration at 10 am on March 8 and closes at 9:30 am on Friday, March 9 (Article V, Section 12(a)).  The Platform and Rules Committee meetings begin March 8 at 1:00 pm at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska (Article V, Section 1).

The State Convention shall elect State officers, adopt State Party Rules, Platform and Resolutions, consider recommending Republican candidates for statewide office, and conduct such other business as may properly come before the State Convention.

Pursuant to this Call:

  • 700 delegates are authorized to the 2018 State Convention (Article V, Section 1).
  • Delegates are apportioned among each District on the basis of the vote in each District for the Republican candidate for US Representative in the preceding General Election (with one delegate automatically allocated if the District elected a Republican to the State House in 2016). The total allocation of delegates by District is shown below. One alternate delegate is apportioned for each delegate (Article V, Section 3).
  • Each delegate and alternate shall be a Republican voter in their District and shall have been a registered Republican for at least 90 days prior to the District Convention. Should a delegate/alternate not appear as a Republican in the GOP Data Center for that District, proof of new residency within the District must be established – the potential delegate can fill out a voter registration form to ensure voter registration is up to date and residency attested (Article III, Section 8).
  • The District Convention Call must include the time, date, place and fee schedule. The District Convention Call must be publicly announced on the ARP website, published in appropriate news media available throughout the District or by email.  The public announcement shall be 60 or more calendar days before the State Convention and 30 days or more before the District Convention (Article III, Section 1).
  • Pursuant to this Call, Districts are hereby required to issue a District Convention Call by November 30, 2017 (Article III, Section 1).
  • A District that fails to issue a Regular District Convention Call by November 30, 2017 shall be subject to the provisions of Article III, Section 18 and Article IV, Section 8.
  • State Convention delegates and alternates shall be elected at-large by a plurality at a District Convention. If there are not enough delegates selected during the convening session of the District Convention, then in such manner as may be determined by the District Convention, the District Convention may recess for the sole purpose of adding additional delegates and alternates to the list of delegates and alternates to the State Convention (Article III, Section 16(f)).
  • District Conventions must adjourn by February 5, 2018 (Article III, Section 1).
  • There shall be no proxies at any level of this convention process (Article II, Section 8).
  • The SCC (by delegation to the State Executive Committee) set the State Convention delegate and alternate fee at $275 per person plus a special rate of $25 for the Saturday night banquet (if paid concurrently with the $275 Convention fee – tickets to the Saturday banquet purchased at any other time shall otherwise be $100) (Article V, Section 1).
  • Each District establishes their own District Convention fee (Article III, Section 1).
  • Payment of the State Convention fee is due at the time of selection as a delegate or alternate and before adjournment of the District Convention. The District shall submit payment to the State Party within 48 hours of the adjournment of the District Convention (Article III, Section C).

We encourage registration and payment on-line here.


District  Delegates

1             13

2             12

3             21

4            17

5            15

6            21

7            22

8            22

9            23

10          23

11          24

12          26

13          17

14          26

15          11

16          14

17          12

18          12

19            8

20          10

21          15

22          18

23          13

24          22

25          17

26          21

27          19

28          25

29          23

30          23

31          21

32          17

33          13

34          18

35          18

36          20

37          12

38          10

39          14

40          12


We encourage all registered Republicans in Alaska to participate in the grassroots governance of our Party!  We are united to help elect Republicans, grow the party, raise money and have fun doing it!

Additional Information, Rules and the 2016 Platform can be found at and on the Facebook page of the Alaska Republican Party.

Respectfully submitted,

Tuckerman Babcock
Alaska Republican Party